Hearing Healthcare Center, Inc.

So much more than a hearing aid shop, because you're so much more than a sale!

We will be closed for the rest of today, Wednesday, March 4, due to the inclement weather.

We will return tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. if the roadways are passable.
Call (812) 303-4300 before venturing out to make sure we are in the office.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  

We know you could go any number of places for your hearing healthcare needs.  So, while we have you here, let me tell you what makes us different.  I am the only independent doctor of audiology in the Evansville area.  As such, I am allowed to put people before "procedure".  We work with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and we offer individualized services for your hearing needs.

We let you feel like a person, not a number.

- Dr. Angela Esterline

Doctor of Clinical Audiology

Introducing: Lunch & Learn
2015 Healthy Hearing Seminar Series

Each session is free education paired with a free lunch.
Simply call the office to reserve your seat for any, or all, of the sessions.

The session for February 17 was rescheduled to March 17 due to poor weather conditions. 
Seats are still available for that date.

"WOW was I impressed...Dr. Angela took the time with my mother and explained her services that are available. She cleaned the wax out of one of my mom's ears...I want everyone with hearing issues to know about her!"

- Brenda P., Evansville, IN