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Hearing Loss & Diabetes

Posted by angela.esterline on January 14, 2019 at 4:05 PM

So, my husband was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I learned that a lot of the things I thought I knew, I really didn’t. But, the one thing I did know was something our counselor did NOT know.

Compared to the 17% of diabetics who suffer vision issues, roughly 65% of all diabetics suffer with hearing loss! Why doesn’t that statistic get any comment? In all the recommendations for diet and exercise and lifestyle change my husband received, there was no recommendation for a baseline hearing test. No mention of anoxia (loss of oxygen) in the inner ear. No mention of permanent hearing loss. No recommendation for annual testing to monitor the progressive nature of the beast. Nothing.

Naturally, I tested his hearing. And, guess what I found…in the five years since his previous test, there has been a drop in hearing sensitivity in both ears. His hearing is still “within normal limits”, but he is only 46 years old, he has no medical history with the ears, and he has no history of noise exposure. His hearing should be within normal limits, and yet it is not as good as it was five years ago. He is already scheduled for his annual test for next year!

Please ask all your diabetic friends and family if they have noticed a change in their hearing, then invite them to get an annual hearing test. Because, really, how can they be compliant to the physician’s recommendations if they can’t hear them?

As for you, dear reader, has your primary care physician (or any other care provider) recommended/ordered a hearing exam for you?

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