Hearing Healthcare Center, Inc.

So much more than a hearing aid shop, because you're so much more than a sale!

"Finally - found a place that can give a proper fitting.  They took the time to work with my elderly mother and the hearing aids she already purchased elsewhere, but they reprogrammed them for her specific hearing loss and are planning to enhance the ear mold to improve her ability to capture sound.  They even added a manual program setting for the TV.  They also work with the family to teach them how to speak to a person with hearing aids and directional microphones.  These folks know what they are doing and take the time to help choose hearing aids as well as care for them.  We walked out feeling like we had new hearing aids even though they were the ones Mother felt were nearly dysfunctional before our visit.  She was nearly sold another new pair by her former store even though these are only one year old."
- Linda B. - Louisville, KY

"Angela tried to keep old aids going but it was just a no go.  She is just great with contacts, knowledge, etc.  I would go no other place in Evansville, IN.

I am a unique patient with hearing issues.  She networked with Mayo Clinic to set my course.  She is very good and office staff is great.  Private office, very professional!"

- Sheila P., Boonville, IN via Angie's List

"Performed and explained hearing test.  Helped us decide on hearing aids.  When the hearing aides came in, they explained the use and function.  Angela was recommended to us as someone reasonable."

- William S., Wadesville, IN via Angie's List

"I'm happy, happy, happy.  Was so pleased with how you approached, talked over my situation, how you cared, and what a wonderful out-come from my time with you."

- Gloria S., Evansville, IN

Dr. Angela Graves has over 28 years of clinical experience. She has worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, E.N.T. offices, nursing homes, state schools, a military base, and private practices.

She is a state licensed and nationally certified audiologist. Dr. Graves holds degrees from Purdue University in Indiana and A.T. Still University in Arizona.

Misty Wolford is our Practice Administrator. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, holds a degree in Business Administration with Human Resource Management, and is a SHRM Certified Professional.

Misty previously worked in long term care as an activities director, medical secretary, and nursing assistant. Although she enjoys working with the public, you will usually find her spending her free time with her family.

Alex Nantz is our Client Services representative and the newest member of the Hearing Healthcare Center team. He is native to Henderson, Kentucky and graduate of Henderson County High School.

Alex is dedicated to spreading the word of God to the minds of children.  He has been involved in Children's Ministry most of his life. As much as he loves children and adults alike, he loves time with his wife and son the most.